Live Long, Live Healthy

Company Profile


At Lunar our every endeavor is to develop multi-nutritional energy supplement by synergizing the healing power of natural herbs, bringing balance to life naturally.

There is inherent wisdom in nature that guides the process of healing.

We are driven by the passion to serve people to achieve optimal health and a shared dream of “Live Long - Live Healthy life
Lunar Bio-pharma Pvt. Ltd., manufacturers of Nutraceutical Specialties, founded by leading professionals of the Indian pharmaceutical industry with over 50 years of combined industry experience.

Lunar Bio Pharma believes in shifting the current health paradigm from curative to preventive medicine with a strong focus on developing natural and safe products based on time tested extracts found in nature which are used in fighting and preventing lifestyle diseases such as GI track disorder, sleep disorders, pain management and Aging.

We have achieved a pioneering technological break-through by converting Natural herbal extracts into Ayurpellets which have definite advantages such as :-

Consistent release of active medicaments for longer duration

Total reproducibility

Natural grade color used

Tested and Assayed extracts are used

Sustained relief & benefits

Extended stability

We are looking forward to have you as a partner in business growth to meet our customer needs and uphold Lunar Bio-Pharma’s corporate values of “Keeping all healthy and happy”

LUNAR Biopharma is the result of visionary ambition, uncompromising commitment and a shared dream which brings together science of prevention of disease through finest quality bio-active herbal remedies. At LUNAR, we value the reputation for excellence and quality that we have earned through research based products developed indigenously in house by team of scientist and technologists. We strive to formulate and develop new and exciting nutritional supplements with scientifically proven effects on health and well being.

Nature is endowed with rich wealth of medicinal plants. Herbs have always been the principle form of medicine for prevention of diseases and prevents their further health complications. Even the modern or ethical system of Medicines uses approx 42% of these bioactive medicinal plants for therapeutic benefits.

There is an increasing demand for nutraceuticals and bioactive herbal remedies in developed as well as developing countries for prevention and protection of life style disorders to improve the quality of life.

From consumer insights to final production, we take a Solistic approach with Holistic care, and to be the best.