Live Long, Live Healthy

Amalaki Rasayan (Emblica officinalis) 225 mg
Rich in anti-oxidant vitamin-C content, rejuvenate, promotes longevity and overall well-being.
Nimba extract (Azadirachta Indica) 75 mg
Neem is a powerful blood purifier and detoxifier. It has detoxifying benefits that help maintain healthy circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and urinary systems.
Shankha Bhasma 100 mg
It’s antacid property works for various gastric disorders, acid indigestion & acid reflux problems.

Sominex : is multi nutritional supplement to provide long lasting relief from Heart Burn, Acid peptic disorders, feeling of fullness, Belching flatulence and indigestion. Neutralizes acid in the stomach and provides quick relief from painful ulcerative conditions. Also safe and effective for long time use.

Disclaimer : Safety & Quality : All the herbal extracts used in the formulations are safe and non toxic which confirms to current International standards regarding the absence of GMO, allergens, pesticides, heavy metals, aflatoxins, and Ochratoxin A. The claims have not been evaluated by regulatory authorities. The product is intended for long term health benefits and preventive use.

Nutribenefits : Provides long lasting relief from heart burn, acid peptic disorders and indigestion.

Suggested Dose : 2 capsules twice daily after breakfast and dinner.

100% Vegetarian And Natural

Bhairav Mudra